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eCraft Hackfest at Mauno Koivisto Center

eCraft Oy Ab organized 24 hour long hackfest with Turku Science Park, Yrityssalo and Microsoft at the Mauno Koivisto center in Turku. Over 40 people joined in for the hackfest competion to create awesome applications and competing for great pirzes. Hackfest started on friday at 9 pm with opening presentation by Petteri Lehtonen from eCraft and followed by Ville Koskinen from Yrityssalo telling the hackers about the nutrition plan for event. One thing that the hackers didn’t have to suffer was from hunger. Organizer provided lot of food to the hackfest participants from pizzas to burgers and sandwiches. Participants also had the chance to sleep during the event but as everyone who has ever been in a hackathon knows that you simply do not sleep during a hackathon!

The know-how of the participants varied from total beginners to professionals and all the 11 teams presented their application that they created during the 24 hour hackathon.

Here’s all the teams listed that presented their project:

  • Friendly Fire
  • Tricycle Overlords
  • Bluescreen Happiness
  • Hammer.exe
  • Palautetta
  • Salon Protomo Team
  • Alkio
  • Pukki&Co
  • Sarkain
  • PikAppzu
  • Kiivert


End of day there can be only one winner and the winner of this hackathon was team Friendly Fire. Members of Friendly Fire was actually all members of Salo Techclub!!! Congrats to all the members of the winning team!
Second place went to team Sarkain and in the shared third place were the teams Alkio and Hammer.exe. Team Kiivert got honorable mention for their most funnies kinect application.

Winning team walkout with the cool Nokia Lumia 710 phones and second place team got 100€ vouchers to verkkokauppa.com store and third placed teams got 50€ vouchers.

Congratuation to all teams! You had good ideas and awesome applications.

All in all the eCraft Hackfest was a real success and we had very good time during it! Thank you!